Three Brides Interacting with Vendor Year after year, business people say that the major wedding shows are their MOST COST-EFFECTIVE means of selling to engaged couples. Which makes sense: at the wedding show, they meet people who are definitely (not “possibly”) getting ready to buy.

But it’s more than showing up with a smile and brochure. Those who succeed at wedding shows know how to “work it.” They know what to bring, what questions to ask, the best way to set up their booths, how to be fun. Get the idea?

You’ve heard about our seminar, ” What’s So Great about a Wedding Show? ” Twice a year our company puts this on. It’s free. We’ll serve you lunch. And you can leave your checkbook at home.

And it will get YOU ready to deliver what brides want, right where the brides are when they come to make decisions. You’ll learn (among other things) :

  • WEDDING SHOW 101. Four things you MUST KNOW before you participate.
  • YOUR OPENING LINE. What to say to turn a stranger into a customer.
  • DON’T DO THIS! The single biggest mistake wedding show vendors make.
  • INSTANT CREDIBILITY. How to go from a nobody to a somebody.
  • FOLLOW-UP SECRET . Steps to take after the Show which may be more important than what you did at the show.
  • B-B-BOOTH? Learn the key elements to successful booth layout and design… and more.

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