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What an opportunity!

At The Carolina Weddings Show, you will be face-to-face with people who are ready to buy. Over 100,000 Triad brides & grooms have spent millions of dollars with people like you: join us!

This is the BIG one. You will be alongside the cream of the crop of Triad wedding businesses. Most never miss a Show: like you, they love being able to “sell” to hundreds of eager buyers.

How we deliver so many prospects for you A massive advertising campaign. We’re in the same major venues every year. And – bottom line – engaged couples love meeting people like you at these Shows!

You will present your business in a professional curtained booth environment: skirted table, booth sign, program listing. We’ll help you plan strategy & develop a handout. (Hey, we know you’re not expert at this, but we are!) And you’ll get an exclusive database so you can follow-up. Spaces are only $915 BUT ARE GOING FAST.

Get a free Exhibitor Kit-but please move fast!

To meet hundreds of brides & grooms, on one fun, profitable day, there is the ONLY way to do it: at the longest-running major wedding show in the Carolinas. Click here: Request Info